What criteria do you need to meet to become a London escort?

Many of my friends dream of earning better money, and enjoying more exciting lifestyles. They would really like to change their lives, and seem to have some sort of misconception about the London escorts service. I have been working as a London escort charlotteaction.org for about two years now, and it isn’t as easy as it seems. Most of my girlfriends are still working as lingerie models, and they think that you just need to be pretty. That isn’t true at all. Every morning I get out of bed and take my personality to work with me. It is certainly not all about glamour and looking sexy.

All of the other London escorts that I know work really hard as well. The truth is that most girls who work in the escort service in London are pretty smart and clued up. A lot of my colleagues here at the agency speak different languages and that helps a lot. We do after all date gents from all over the world, and it is important to be able to converse. My mom is from Russia, and I am so glad that she took the time out to teach me Russian. Now, I am able to date Russian gents and that has done wonders for me.

You also need to be really nice and friendly. We get some girls joining the agency who just seem to be a bit too posh at times. That doesn’t work. The first thing that you need to put on your face when you come to work in the morning is your smile. It doesn’t matter if you are having a headache or feel tired, when you work for London escorts services you have to be prepared to smile a lot. And you have to be a person who enjoys smiling – that can really make a difference.

Chatting is important as well. I have become a much better at holding a conversation since I started to work for London escorts. The gents who visit us, often take us out on dinner and expect us to be able to speak to their business colleagues. Obviously many of the gents that we date would like to be able to have the real girlfriend experience, so you most come across as a genuine sort of girl. If you are to giggly and silly, you will not be seeing that gent again, I can promise you that!

Overall I enjoy working for London escorts services. Believe it or not, I have learned a lot working here and I think that I could now handle almost any type of situation. It has been great and when I leave I think that I would like to work for many of the executive services which are springing up around London. It would suit me down to the ground as I am now used to dealing with those kind of people, and I enjoy their company. My life has certainly changed since I joined this elite London escort agency.

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