London escorts

Before I joined London escorts, I had always wanted to be a gardener. Unfortunately, my mom and dad did not have enough money to send me to RHS College, so I decided to save up money. Everybody had commented that I was a really pretty girl, so I thought that modeling could make me a lot of money quickly. Well, it turned out that I was a real fool. There was very little money on modeling, and I hardly made enough money to pay my rent and live. I really needed a change of course to finally fulfill my dream. In the end, I got some good info from a couple of models I had been working with.

They had not made a lot of money from modeling neither so they found jobs as escorts in the end. London is just over run by escort’s agencies, and it can be difficult to find one that will take you on. I was lucky enough to find London escorts, and I was delighted when they gave me a job. At first it was a bit strange, but I had some good advice from the Madame who runs the agency. With her help I was able to build up quite a few regulars quickly.

After a couple of months, the Madame asked me if I wanted to join the elite part of London escorts. How could I say no? It meant a lot more money, and I could keep my regular dates. It was the best thing I had ever done as the money started to roll in a lot quicker. In six months I earned as much money as some of my modeling friends did in six years. Escorting was certainly a great alternative to modeling, and I was pleased to be able to earn well.

I enjoyed it as well. A lot of the gents that I dated at VIP London escorts were really nice, and I enjoyed their company. But, after about two years I felt I wanted to move on and fulfill my dreams. I had been able to live rather frugally so I had lots of money. After a bit of hassle, I did manage to get into college and start to study. It wasn’t easy to make the change at first. I had not studied for such a long time and there was so much to learn, but I managed.

Today, I have left London escorts far behind me and I am running my own gardening business in London. If, you are ever walking around the streets of Chiswick, you may just see me. I have got the contract to maintain all of the public gardens and things like the hanging baskets. It is strange feeling, but I love it. Gone are the long finger nails, and my stilettos have been replaced by willies but this is the life that I wanted, so I am very happy. There is no way I would be able to do anything else.

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