Do escorts keep pets?

The other day, I started to talk about pets with one of the gents I often date at Shoreditch escorts. He was telling me about his old cat, and how much he loved his cat. It keeps him company during the day when he works from home and often sits on his desk just by his computer. I told him that my ultimate pet would have to be a dog but at the moment I did not have the time for a canine companion in my life, but I would like to have one.

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Instead of keeping a dog at the moment, I keep a couple of other pets. One of them is a budgie who is a bit of a rescue budgie. I am not sure what happened, but the day before he arrived, I picked up an old bird cage which I had found in the street. I thought that I would stick a couple of plants in it and make it a decorative feature in my home. The next day, a budgie landed on my balcony and he moved into the cage. We have become rather good friends over time.

I cannot have too many pets, as I work long hours at Shoreditch escorts, and I simply don’t get the time. When I come home from Shoreditch escorts, I am often tired and would like to just chill out. It makes a huge difference to have an animal companion, or rather companions in my case. I really don’t care what the animal is, it is just comforting to come home to some kind of presence in your life, and I think it makes a huge difference to the way you feel about things.

The other little friend that I have in my life, is a Siamese fighting fish. He lives on his aquarium and even though I cannot talk to him or touch him, he is a little bit of company. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most beautiful creatures that I have ever seen, and I think that he knows me. I have always liked fish and this little guy seems to have become part of my life in a big way. I think that he knows me as I come in through the door from Shoreditch escorts.

They say that keeping animals is a kind of a therapy and I would agree with that. It does not matter if your friend is a great big dog or a fish, it is just someone that you can come home to. I love to have a bit of company in my life and I think that is true for most people living on their own. Most of the girls here at Shoreditch escorts, are single and they really do seem to appreciate their pets. Some of the girls have cats, and one of the girls even has a spider. I am not sure that is for me, but I do like to have a little bit of animalistic company in my life as I like to say.

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